Active Share data on individual U.S. equity mutual funds is available here:

Data for academic research linked to the Thomson holdings database as available on WRDS, and as used in my academic research, can be downloaded here: as_dur_wficn_19902015_vSept2016.csv.

The data in as_dur_wficn_19902015_vSept2016.csv starts in 1990 and ends in 2015.

These are the data fields:

  • yyyymm: year and month of the holdings report
  • wficn: database identifer as used in the Thomson holdings database on WRDS
  • bmk_min: abbreviation of the benchmark with the minimum Active Share
  • min_as_bmk: benchmark with the minimum Active Share
  • activeshare_min: minimum Active Share across all U.S.-equity benchmarks
  • bmk_sd: abbreviation of the name of the self-declared benchmark
  • activeshare_sd: Active Share with respect to the self-declared benchmark
  • mfduration: mutual fund duration (in quarters)
  • sd_bmk: self-declared benchmark


For more details on sample construction etc., see our paper "Patient Capital Outperformance", forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics, joint work with Ankur Pareek.